Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meeting with RPW

On Tuesday, March 2, I met with R. in the SMFA atrium.
R. was particularly drawn to the piece above (the 2 photos were taken on her iphone, which captured the color better than my camera has, perhaps thanks to the location lighting). She liked what I had considered a temporary set-up,in particular the frame, since that is the tool I use for dyeing. I had thought I would have another "cleaner" frame made, but she argued that this added to the piece because it was carried the history of the process(my words). She loved the color effects I was able to achieve and encouraged me to continue this piece, being mindful of the "front row" of colors- to finess their support, so they stand on their own v. in boxes. R. was less drawn to the 2 large silk mache 1/2 balls I brought in: she implied that they evoked female vessel which is overdone. I showed the ingredients for a wall piece: many hand-sized 1/2 balls and grey silk and organza strips and boxes. At this point, R. pointed out to me that I seem to love arranging - and to check out Orozco at MOMA while I was there. She inquired about the ideas behind my work and suggested I keep a word list of what occurs to me while I'm working. I told her that I always felt the early morning rides, from darkness to grey early morning light to color informed all my pieces - and she indicated that this was even more reason to focus on this piece that seems to convey that most clearly. She recommended 2 books: Chromophobia (which I need to re-read) and The Poetics of Space, by Bachelard. Finally I told her about the woman I work most closely with in terms of silk dying itself, and how she (Susan) keeps careful records of her work; R. encouraged me to do the same: to make a book specifically about the process - each color I dye (with samples) that can accompany my work ( but done purposefully, not as art). It was an excellent meeting - the input was just what I needed, although I am now intend to focus on the work that is clearly the most labor intensive. But I agree that it is the richest and has potential to go much further.

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  1. the meeting sounds very productive. The piece also looks promising and I agree with RPW about the frame-it adds a lot to the context of how the silk got there and beefs up the sculptural presence. I am curious about the balls though...perhaps they just need the right arrangement? I like the idea of silk mache because it changes the texture from soft to hard, and makes the material 3D instead of 2D...don't give up on those, but I also agree, the "female vessel" is over done, so maybe re-think presentation?