Wednesday, July 21, 2010

first meeting with Isabel

In our first meeting, Isabel and I talked about:
1. work I had done for my last residency and why it didn't work for me - mainly, about how the silk and its color had not been most effectively shown
2. noticing areas in my past work and in the inadverant fallen and hanging silk in the studio: noticing the ways that the silk and color can be compelling
3. discussing ways that I might look for armature: in found furniture, as a clothesline, in print/paper storage hanging devices, with mylar, incorporating sewing
4. artists: Sheila Hicks, Annette Messager, Polly Apfelbaum
5. message: to be simple and to allow the silk itself to speak

summary of June 2010 residency

Salley Knight
Professor Deb Todd Wheeler
AIB Group 3
July, 2010

Summary – Residency June 2010

Color/ light:
John Kramer: Color not working in blue area. Most effective use is in mirroring through the scrim.
Deb Todd Wheeler: Look at artists trying to capture the uncapturable
Check out Mag lights ( the big strong ones)
Laurel: Let the color go viral. Use mirrors and lights.
Jan: Intensify the color with layers. Use layers to play with color possibilities
Annette: Use gouache for flat color as contrast

Materials/ construction:
Hannah: Use video to capture color on silk in ideal conditions
Laurel: Don’t let armature be obvious. Use mirrors, lights.
Jan: Explore ways to hang the scrim so that a person can walk through.
Deb: Look for some kind of thin wire or filament support for overhead hanging

Cesare: What is the action word (looking at “theatre piece”)?
Deb: Look for the accident/unknown consequences. Explore entropy/absorption. Look for the relationship of silk and air. Phenomenology.
Laurel: Become beastly. Structure, then interrupt. Pay attention to Tuttle – the language used in describing his work. Let that inform you.
Regan: Treat material as content.
Edie: Play with it in as many ways as possible. Be a child in your explorations.

Deb Todd Wheeler: Spencer Finch, Bill Viola, Olafur Eliasson. R. Krauss – (Users Guide to Entropy) The Writings of Robert Smithson
Cesare: Nathalie Djurberg
Edie: Yves Klein
Laurel: J. Stockholder, Tuttle, Petah Coyne, Sheila Pepe, Eileen Quinlan
Jan: O’Keefe, Rothko, Shazia Sikander (installation work), Alexander McQueen, Claes Oldenberg
Annette : Alan Saret

Possible directions:
1. Explore the vertical hanging using layers of color on scrim – noticing color and how it can intensify or dull with layering choices – and then the possibilities for spacing to allow light and movement through the piece itself.

2. Explore color as surface and and as translucent – how it connects to what surrounds it, or is altered. So, creating obvious areas or structures of color and then letting them loose – that interplay. As well as how the colors themselves interact as color.

3. Playing around in order to find armature that supports the work.

4. Lights and mirrors: with the work/alone/as reflectors of color