Sunday, September 26, 2010

Talk with Deb 9-26-10

In my discussion with Deb Todd Wheeler, we covered a number of subjects:
1. She recommended I check out Damien Ortega at the ICA to notice how, in his display of camera parts, he guides the viewers' eyes to the parts he wants them to see
2. For my use of flag poles to support my work, all the connotations I can make use of:
a. the flag is how we suspend fabric
b. flags are ceremonial
c. flags communicate beyond cultural
d. reference to jasper johns' flag
3. Lights: that I need to consider them as I do the work, rather than after the fact.
Possible light sources to research: dc neon tubes or fiber optic
Also, to finish the burn pieces I have and consider constructing larger light box(es)
4. Writing:Talk to librarian to get more info on Ernesto Neto and Do Ho Suh. Consider how to write paper on how I am using light and weightlessness- and how the work of Turrell, Flavin and Pippolati Rist contribute understanding (perhaps bringing in Hesse again?)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

meeting with Isabel

I had a wonderful meeting with Isabel today.
We mostly talked about my yellow tower piece. Her response was very positive.
1. She thought it worked as sculpture - held interest from all 3 angles
2. She enjoyed the free form aspects of it and yet thought there were areas that needed finishing : sanding and paint; sewing. At the same time, pinning to the wall is fine - the question is how much to hold in place and how much to allow to shift for each showing
3. Attention to the planes: the back and floor need to be considered. I will get another piece of homasote to paint white to consider part of the piece for the back. The floor? A stand? Flooring?
4.Lighting. At present I am using an external source to highlight the lower part. Do I want to include a light within the piece?

As for my more landscape-like piece, Isabel felt
1. it was less finished
2. it might benefit from being hung lower
3. move my studio around (get rid of the bookshelves) to give myself more space to work larger on both pieces

The light box pieces:
1. She loved
2. The lightbox itself- old and wooden, is great - can I find more?
3. How to attach the cloth (velcro?) so that the boxes can be mounted on the wall

Also look up Pippolotti Rist

And keep going!