Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12, 2010

I am not sure why I need to have some kind of a structure before I proceed, because I don't necessarily keep that same structure once I create the piece: however, it took me lots of drawing and thinking to understand how to build on my so-called "ocean". If I built forward, the scrims would soon lose translucency through to the backdrop (like water color that gets muddy). Plus, that first piece was the beginning and I wanted the journey to go forward from that, not end there. So, I now have an idea of a 3 piece work, and I am working on the next 2 parts simultaneously. Since so much depends on color, if I can get that to work effectively, then I can expand each area.
I have been dyeing for the 3rd area using the longer process with soy milk since I am using the sueded silk, along with organza, for that area- and the solid silk needs the soy to really hold the color. That dyeing process is much longer and requires quite a bit of set-up. Just today, I also dyed some larger pieces (see photo) for the middle section.

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