Sunday, August 15, 2010

talk with Deb 8-15-10

1.Scale: When working tiny, how to find materials that translate when shift to larger scale.
a) I’ve been making cubes out of matchsticks as maquettes for larger pieces and I love the globs of woodglue. Perhaps expandable foam would do the same for larger work?
b) For larger “matchsticks” – check out Jacobson’s by flower market (flower supports)

2. Writing:
a) Hesse/ Tuttle/ Stockholder : paper makes good argument for trusting intuition and “psychic weightlessness” (Deb’s term)
Need to tie in to how applies to own work, including ethereal quality of my work, and elements of movement or rigidity
b) Next papers: 2 areas to cover:
1. color and weight – look at James Turrell
2. textiles : What is structure for Do Ho Suh and Ernesto Neto,etc. : structure – what becomes structure and innovative v. predictable structure

3. Influences: theatre? Scrims go check out in theatres.
(school next door – kindergarten)

4. Materials:
How choice informs art – bamboo = tropical. How to find right support – look to influences/sourcing. There is bendable /shapeable bamboo

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