Friday, November 5, 2010

meeting with Isabel - Nov. 5, 2010

Another great meeting with Isabel.
A. She liked my 2 new pieces, especially the new dark piece.
B. She wanted me to finish them:
-get rid of all the pins,
-paint the top support areas so they disappear.
-cut the poles that extend too far out
-figure out how to hang and display the light box pieces.One needs to be re-made to fit the larger light box.
C. She liked the florescent lighting, but I need to get smaller size fixtures. Also, the deeper color (more gels) is richer. I can explore getting just the right depth of color with more or less gel covering.
D. When I finish the work - all the last details - will make a difference in how the work comes together - the delicate thread work can spark the whole piece.
E. Create one more - freestanding(?) - piece.

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