Thursday, November 19, 2009


Okay, what an interesting time it's been. A number of ideas relating to vision and art are just coming to the fore for me. They were precipitated by a Tim Crouch theatre event at the Boston ICA. He performed a piece in an art gallery, and the subtext was about what we see- or don't see- and the expectations we have about art and the value we attach to it. What I most enjoyed was that he would describe a visual setting or event not directly related to the piece of art he was standing next to - and he constantly asked you to "look". So I got the image of the art and then the image he was emotionally responding to - and BOTH were real. From there I began to think of images that seem very real to me that are never based on anything seen - such as an angel's wing. This related to a dream I had had about flying. I thought, why not make this dream image concrete? Later, I thought, why not make it less concrete - therefore more real? The photos show incomplete ideas - both pieces are in progress.

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  1. When I see a single wing, I think it part of something that was once whole. What has single wing? What's a wing? What is an image?
    I am interested in the second image as I read it as an abstraction and in the mix with the architecture of a particular domestic space. An abstraction might be a way to pictoralize dream images or projections.
    Did you have any audio in the dream you are recounting? Perhaps there might be a sound track to these pieces.