Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August 5, 2009

I'm sending a few images of what I've been doing. Blogspot only allows 5 images per blog, I gather. But these represent an idea of what I've been doing.
The top one is (sideways) from before I met with Heidi - and I'm leaving it alone, even though we decided it was incomplete. Instead, I've been doing a lot of quick pieces, and taking photos, even if I don't hold onto them. I bought material, and was most intrigued by the black and white because when I rip it, it shreds so wonderfully - when I position strips of it, they remind me of the kinds of rough marks on paper that a first grader might make. So I played with 2 letter words. The thicker lines appealed to me more than the thin shreds in this one (also sideways):

I liked this one more.
This one was just a chance jumble. I added color ( couldn't resist)
I want to do more with the wave. I made a number of attempts to figure out how to work this so it might extend across a much bigger space - and it lost something when I sized it up. I still want to play with that idea. I keep seeing it out from the wall, and then it gets into my complications of structural support, which I'm avoiding at this point.

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