Wednesday, July 22, 2009

thoughts on my crit paper

I had thought I would write my crit paper on craft/art intersection focusing on the Judy Chicago's Womens' Table, but I am having my doubts now. I think I might prefer to write about the why of art - a thesis of Believing is Seeing: that much of what we call ancient art was not created for that purpose. One of my favorite art books is one showing photographs of "Pathway Icons" in India: "art" created for religious purposes by villagers in India that is both meaningful and compelling as abstract art. It reminds me of the NPR book called "What I believe", a collection of essays from across America where people from all walks of life say in less than 500 words what they believe. That question - of why?- whether it is traditionally religious or, perhaps, just a personal belief , that is what I think I'd like to discuss in my crit paper...

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  1. will try to post to each of the response buttons, you can tell me what works for you.
    in brief
    What I've learned from you-
    you have a good sense of people "walking thru" your work, what happens...
    -Something that does not exactly reflect your below queries, but, as a directed point of departure, let me know what your response is to the following new artwork by David Rokeby