Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I seem to be having a tough time uploading my images.
This is the still not completely attached first piece I've done. Title: the Three Little Pigs.
I think I'm onto a theme of nursery rhymes. I'm now beginning my next piece: The Princess and the Pea (I hope).
For a number of years, I wrote and illustrated children's books - all of my own, none published. I went to conferences and was in a wonderful children's writing book club. Perhaps this energy is still in me. But it feels so much freer to be having fun with the abstraction.
The photos show 2 views : straight ahead and above.
I was choosing to stay monochromatic. The plants are dried allium. Aside from my hand-dyed silk, I also used bright vellum envelopes, foam core, and acrylic paint on the wood structure.

1 comment:

  1. you could illustrate the stories with these pieces and...use the web as the...structure
    I liked finding the image and your caption and your blue dot personal pages...I could really get into the blue and pink actually, quite nice pages.
    As for the hand made constructions seem very poetic and are carefully handled. Seems like a useful conversation between these pieces and your earlier work